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New wastewater treatment plant concept for better wastewater quality at Medinsa

Teaser Kläranlage Medinsa
In the construction process: installation of new wastewater treatment plant at Medinsa

Treating and disposing of wastewater in an environmentally friendly and proper manner requires the use of a modern wastewater treatment plant concept in the field of wastewater and environmental technology. For this reason, it was decided to install a new wastewater treatment plant at our Spanish production site in Medinsa, which meets water law environmental standards to a high degree while promising high performance.  

Using the activated sludge process, the new wastewater treatment plant at Medinsa in Madrid relies on a proven biological wastewater treatment process. The investment in improving wastewater treatment is also an important step on a global level to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals of environmentally friendly production and high water quality.

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