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Aristo Pharma offers medicines for the health of the whole family.

Aristo Pharma

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Aristo Pharma – Because every person has a right to health.

Our philosophy is simple: we produce medicines, which are both high quality and cost-effective for patients. These are generics of important original products supplemented by in-house developments and over-the-counter OTC products, the vast majority of which are produced at our own production sites in Germany and Spain. Our aim is to ensure as many people as possible can benefit from the high standard of modern pharmaceuticals.



Together with the Institute for Management and Economic Research and the business magazine, FOCUS MONEY conducted Germany's largest brand test. The result: Aristo Pharma was voted industry winner in the category "pharmaceutical manufacturer".

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Find out everything about health in the Aristo Pharma Guide.


From allergies to prevention - in our guide you can read interesting facts about your health. Learn more about diabetes, cardiovascular diseases or back pain.

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The "morning-after pill" - be clear beforehand how it works!

The emergency pill can prevent an unwanted pregnancy if contraceptive mishaps have occurred. Here you can find all the info on the "morning-after pill".

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Drugs made in Europe: We produce preparations from off-patent active ingredients and allow a look behind the scenes in our image film - feel free to take a look and see for yourself!

You can find current news about Aristo Pharma in the overview under "Read more".

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Our mix of proven structures and modern influences makes us an attractive company in the sector. Flat hierarchies foster flexible and proactive collaboration. Help to shape our growth with your skills and personality. Read more about our job advertisements in German.

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