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Our whistleblower system

Aristo Pharma's corporate culture promotes open and respectful discussion. The correct and compliant behavior of our employees is our highest priority.

In order to become aware of any compliance violations and to react appropriately, Aristo Pharma provides internal whistleblowers, but also our partners, with various reporting channels within the framework of the whistleblower system.

We treat all questions and tips with the utmost confidentiality. We carefully and comprehensively review each and every tip received. The system's procedure is fair and guarantees the greatest possible protection for whistleblowers, those affected and the employees involved in clarifying the information.

Would you like to report a compliance-relevant violation or misconduct?

Aristo Pharma works together with primus consulting group GmbH within the framework of the whistleblower system. You can report possible breaches of regulations by name or confidentially and anonymously. To ensure that your report can be processed and investigated appropriately, it is important that the report is as specific as possible. Please make sure that your descriptions can also be understood by persons outside your field of expertise and answer the following questions in your report at best: Who? What? When? How? Where?

Information can be reported via the following contacts:

Hotline: 0800 664 88 12

E-mail address:

Please understand that the whistleblower system cannot be used to process complaints, only compliance-relevant violations and misconduct. If you have a concern or feedback that is not a compliance violation, please use this contact form (link:

Thank you for your support and commitment to compliance at Aristo Pharma.


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