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Big fish on the hook at Advance Pharma

Teaser - Kranaktionen Advance Pharma
© Scholpp

At our Advance Pharma production site in Berlin, the year 2021 will be dominated by new production facilities: In the first half of the year, a new pharmaceutical mixer, a coater and a fluid bed granulator were installed - three enormous production machines that will now be used in the production of pharmaceuticals and ensure an expansion of the capacity of regular operations to the most modern standards.

In view of the dimensions involved, the installation of the new equipment proved to be complex. In particular, the installation of the coater and the largest fluid bed granulator in the company's history presented the project team with new challenges: Only with the help of a crane and a newly created opening in the building facade was it possible to transfer the equipment to the second floor of the production area.

Due to the height of the equipment, various deconstructions had to be carried out for the transport route in the production area - among other things, a suspended ceiling was removed and parts of the ventilation system were dismantled. Thanks to the thorough preparation of the project management, the machine supplier and the transport company involved, the production equipment was installed on schedule and another essential foundation stone for the expansion of product capacities at the Advance Pharma site was laid.

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