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Continuous optimization measures at the Pharma Wernigerode site contribute to environmental protection

Teaser - Abschaltung ungenutzter Zonen

Constant adaptation of the production and process landscape is essential for the transition to new and innovative medicines, as well as the adjustment to changing customer needs. To meet these requirements, our production sites continuously put their respective process structures to the test.

At the Pharma Wernigerode site, it was determined in the course of these investigations that isolated zones of the site area were no longer being used as production areas. Nevertheless, the ventilation systems continued to supply and heat these areas with air conditioned for production. In the course of optimization, individual areas were excluded from the supply, and the cooling and heating coils of the ventilation systems operated for these areas were switched off. This ensured that the system could be restarted at any time if production conditions changed, and a considerable amount of energy was saved in the meantime.

From an energy point of view, the project is a complete success. From now on, the optimization will save approx. 264,000 kWh of electricity per year. This corresponds to the annual consumption of approximately 75 four-person households in Germany. In addition, this makes a significant contribution to environmental protection, as 142 tons of CO2 are saved per year. By way of comparison, a forest of 11,360 beech trees would have to be planted to offset this amount each year.

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