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Production of hand disinfectants at Pharma Wernigerode

Kollegen beim Etikettieren der Kanister
Colleagues labeling the canisters

Disinfectant is currently in short supply. To meet the demand Pharma Wernigerode produces liquid for hand disinfection.

Rarely has it been in such high demand as now: Disinfectant has become a valuable commodity in the Corona crisis. Because the demand exceeds the supply by far, Pharma Wernigerode has entered the production of hand disinfectants at short notice.

Pharma Wernigerode - production site of the Aristo Pharma Group - specialises in liquid and semi-liquid drugs, especially drugs for the relief of upper respiratory tract complaints. The production of ethanol-based hand disinfectants was added as a new, temporary branch of production in the course of the corona crisis. Originally initiated to increase internal resources, Pharma Wernigerode now also produces hand disinfectants for doctors' practices, health care facilities and the Harz transport company (bus company). The necessary conditions for this were created in a very short time and with great commitment and motivation.

Two batches of 500 litres each have already been shipped. Orders for a further 1,200 litres have already been placed. As a special service for the Harzer Verkehrsbetrieb (HVB), 179 spray bottles of 500 ml each were filled by hand. This gives bus drivers the opportunity to always carry an appropriate hand disinfectant on board the buses.

Pharma Wernigerode will continue the production - as long as the demand exists and raw materials are available.

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