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Industrial safety seal for Pharma Wernigerode

Arbeitsschutzsiegel PHW

When business operations are resumed in times of the Corona pandemic, safety and health protection have top priority. For this reason, the nationwide occupational health and safety standard COVID-19 has been in force since April 16, 2020.

Pharma Wernigerode - production site of the Aristo Pharma Group - has based its precautionary measures against corona on these standards and has been rewarded with the occupational safety seal of the BAD (Berufsgenossenschaftlicher Arbeitsmedizinischer und Sicherheitstechnischer Dienst).

The basis of the success was a 15-page risk assessment, which was worked out together with the BAD and which showed possible infection scenarios of employees at Pharma Wernigerode and at the same time derived appropriate protective and countermeasures.

In the risk assessment and conception of measures, a distinction was made between the areas of production, storage, technology and laboratory as well as the area of the administrative departments. As a result of the implementation, many previously unconsidered questions regarding the handling of the pandemic were answered and the risks of infection at the site were massively reduced.

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