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Giving a ray of hope: Aristo Pharma supports the Doctors of the World project Berlin Lichtenberg

Lichtblick Aktion Spendencheck Übergabe Aristo Pharma
Spendenübergabe, von links nach rechts: Susanne Eikenberg, Philipp Große, Sophie Rohrbeck und Lena Rimbach

"Because everyone has a right to health." - True to its own motto, the Berlin-based pharmaceutical company Aristo Pharma has launched a very special campaign for healthcare professionals - doctors and pharmacists as well as all members of the medical, pharmaceutical and other healthcare professions: The "Lichtblick" winter fundraising campaign. 

Having access to medical care should be a basic right and available to everyone. But did you know that 61,000 people in Germany alone do not have health insurance? Many people are not aware of this: It's not just the unemployed who are affected. It is not uncommon for people who are self-employed to find themselves in this situation due to financial difficulties or ignorance, for example.

Aristo Pharma's partner for the winter fundraising campaign is Doctors of the World. Among other things, the organization is committed to helping people without health insurance: Thanks to the voluntary practice Berlin Lichtenberg, which has been open since June, people who have no or only difficult access to medical care can be treated. Patients can take advantage of general medical and psychosocial treatment. Another focus is on the care of women and children as well as the chronically ill. The project can only exist thanks to the voluntary work of the medical staff and donations.

As part of the winter fundraising campaign, Aristo Pharma is donating 5,000 euros to the Doctors of the World organization for the Berlin Lichtenberg project and has also invited healthcare professionals to take part. Participation was rewarded with a promotional item: A winterized matchstick house. The house symbolizes the safe place that the project provides for people without health insurance; and the lit match symbolizes the ray of hope that each individual participant in the campaign contributes to the project. And so the donation contribution could be actively increased: Light a match, take a photo of the burning match and upload it to the campaign page ( For every photo submitted, Aristo Pharma increased the donation amount by 2 euros.

473 healthcare professionals symbolically sent a ray of hope with their submitted photo, so that at the end of the campaign on March 13, 2024, a donation check for a total of 5,946 euros could be ceremoniously handed over to Berlin Lichtenberg. A great campaign and a small contribution to the important work of Doctors of the World. Many thanks to everyone who took part in this campaign!

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