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For even more smiling faces - RED NOSES partnership continues!

Teaser - Rote Nasen 2021

Researchers assume that laughter has possibly been going on on Earth for around 14 million years. This is because the last common ancestor between apes and humans already used laughter for communication. Laughter is something deeply human and creates trust. Laughter signals: I am your friend.

ROTE NASEN bring laughter and hope to people in need every day and Aristo Pharma supports this great mission: since 2017 we are sponsor of Clown Widu, who has been working for ROTE NASEN in Berlin/Brandenburg since 2006.

All ROTE NASEN clowns are trained artists in the field of performing arts (acting, children's theater, music, mime, acrobatics, magic, cabaret) with appropriate playing experience. In addition to talent and skill, all artists must have the necessary social commitment, a high degree of empathy, resilience and personal maturity.
On their clown visits, the artists not only visit children in hospitals, but also seniors in nursing homes and refugees in refugee facilities.

In 2019, we were able to see for ourselves a clown visit with Widu, which once again encouraged us in our commitment. This year, we are therefore also at Widu's side as a sponsor!

In addition, we have been supporting the "Intensive Smile Care" program since 2019. As part of this program, the clowns accompany the children on their way to the operating room. Especially in these exceptional situations, laughter is often the best medicine. The clowns calm the children and help them to relax. And since many operations are currently being "made up" due to Corona, there is a strong need for this. The fact that we can support this program again this year puts a smile on our faces!

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