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Donation record for Caritas topped!

Caritas Spendencheck-Übergabe

It all started with 17 full cartons in 2018. Today - only three years later - we have almost tripled the volume of donations for the Caritas' charitable medical mobile! On 14 July 2020, we were able to load an incredible 50 moving boxes with clothes in perfect condition, some of them even as good as new, and many beautiful toys into the Caritas mobile doctor in front of the beaming eyes of the Caritas employees.

Thanks to the extraordinary commitment of the employees of Aristo Pharma, we were thus able to support our donation of € 10,000 for the Caritas Arztmobil with an extensive donation in kind for the third year in a row! With the total amount of 50 cartons, we not only pushed the Arztmobil to its capacity limits, but also exceeded our record of 47 cartons from the previous year!

Mr. Wagener (Head of Volunteering and Fundraising Caritas Berlin) and the colleagues from Caritas Arztmobil were visibly impressed by the amount of donations and thanked them for their sympathy and commitment. Especially in the current situation, the donation has a high added value for the heavily overburdened social associations like Caritas.

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