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Medical mobile for homeless people: Aristo Pharma donates to Caritas Berlin

Caritas Spendenübergabe 2024

Life on the street is hard and makes you ill. But only very few homeless people in Berlin dare to visit a doctor's surgery - out of shame or because they are simply no longer in a position to do so. The Caritas mobile medical unit - in operation since 1995 - travels to homeless people and treats them. The dedicated team provides basic medical care and consists of (volunteer) doctors, nurses and social workers who offer basic medical care and pastoral care. Almost 1,800 treatments are carried out each year.

Aristo Pharma has been supporting the Caritas Arztmobil in Berlin with an annual donation of 10,000 euros since 2016. In addition, Aristo Pharma employees have been donating clothing since 2018. Thanks to this active support, 42 bulging boxes of clothing, shoes and children's toys, some of which were as good as new, were handed over to Caritas this year. Such a valuable donation, because in 2023 more people visited the Caritas Berlin clothing store than ever before: A total of 17,900 people were supported with clothes and shoes. 

We are grateful that, together with Caritas Berlin, we are able to help and make a small contribution to society.

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