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Donation to the Caritas Children's Hospice and Family Visiting Service

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Übergabe des Spendenschecks, v. l. Frau Hofmann (Marketing Aristo Pharma), Herr Wagener (Fundraising Caritas), Frau Bertram (Unternehmenskommunikation Aristo Pharma)

The Caritas Children Hospice and Family Visiting Service supports families with critically ill children with services tailored to their individual needs. The organisation is there to help the families with all their worries, needs, grief and pain – by providing human contact and financial support. However, practical assistance is also on offer: the charity is able to provide wide-ranging care thanks to their network connections to all of the necessary services. Even if Caritas cannot change the fate of the families, by providing loving care, financial support and practical help, they can make day-to-day life slightly easier for the afflicted children and their parents during this difficult phase of their lives.

Aristo Pharma is amazed by the dedicated and active support the helpers offer to affected families and wanted to make a contribution. We started a mailing campaign and for every survey filled out and returned by the selected doctors contacted, €3 was donated to the Children’s Hospice and Family Visiting Service. This resulted in a rounded donation of €1,000! Thank you very much to all participants of this fantastic campaign.

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