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Clown visit at Aristo Pharma

Gruppenbild Clown Visite 2022 bei Aristo Pharma

Since 2017, Aristo Pharma has been supporting the association ROTE NASEN and especially the clown Widu. Our "godfather clown" Widu visits young patients in children's hospital wards in his clown routine, encourages them before their first operation, for example, and brings positive thoughts to the little and big ones.

On 27 September 2022, we were delighted to receive a visit from Clown Widu at the Berlin headquarters of Aristo Pharma. He presented us with a "Humour Certificate Gold" for our social commitment and then, together with clown partner Natascha Lachmannowa, surprised colleagues in the office during a clown visit. There was singing and laughing - thank you RED NOSES, we are still thrilled!

You can find more information about RED NOSES at

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