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Aristo Pharma takes over flower sponsorship for the "Colourful Uckermark" project

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For centuries, agriculture promoted biodiversity. By keeping the landscape open and extensively cultivating fields and pastures, many different habitats were created in which species such as skylark, knapweed or cornflower felt at home.

In recent decades, the focus has been on securing food production, and ecological goals have been neglected, especially as a result of increasing price pressure. Yet agriculture itself is particularly dependent on bees and many other insects for productive and sustainable farming.

The young startup Vielfeld has set itself the goal of integrating environmental protection and nature conservation more strongly into agriculture again. Five young entrepreneurs have developed a modern concept of nature-friendly land management: Vielfeld brings agriculture together with companies and private individuals who want to support regional nature conservation projects to preserve biodiversity. In the course of the cooperation, farmers are economically supported by sponsors in return for giving up arable land and thus also yields from agriculture, so that a balance is created between economic constraint and ecological responsibility. The freed-up land ultimately creates new habitat for the benefit of a wide range of species and biodiversity.

A great project that Aristo Pharma supports from now on by taking over a three-year flower sponsorship for the project colorful Uckermark. Behind the project is the Schulze family from Zernikow in the Uckermark region, who founded their family farm in 1991 and have been committed to testing new techniques and new crops and pioneering environmental protection for 30 years now.

As a result of our partnership, a total of 1,000 square meters of the family farm will in the future provide extensive flower strips as habitat for resident species. As a sponsor, we will receive regular updates on the development of the area via the "Blühpost" and can thus watch our newly won "godchild" flourish and grow, from sowing to the living flowering meadow.

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