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Aristo Pharma among the top 10 pharmaceutical manufacturers with the highest supply in Germany

News Teaser - Top 10 der versorgungsstärksten Arzneimittelhersteller

According to the IQVIA PharmaScope® National report, Aristo Pharma is among the top 10 prescription drug manufacturers in terms of supply in Germany. The ranking was based on sales volume based on daily therapy doses from January through September 2021.

Nine out of ten of these top suppliers are generics manufacturers and thus form the backbone of the drug supply. Overall, generics companies provide more than 78 percent of the drugs (in daily therapy doses) required in Germany. Accordingly, they provide by far the majority of the supply, as does Aristo Pharma - a strong performance!

The share of the costs that the health insurance funds pay for generics is low. After deducting the discounts granted by the manufacturers to the health insurance funds, it is just 8.4 percent. The average cost of a daily therapy dose of a generic drug is 6 cents.

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