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We have a smile on our face - ROTE NASEN sponsorship continues!

Rote Nasen zu Besuch im Krankenhaus bei Kindern
© Gregor Zielke

Laughter is healthy and this has been scientifically proven. A few minutes after a laugh, a relaxation phase sets in: Cortisol levels drop and the level of the "happiness hormone" endorphin rises. So when we laugh, we are relieved for a short time from stress, an inner tension or sadness.

Since 2003, RED NOSES clowns have been providing comfort and making many small and large patients laugh every day. They turn syringes into moon rockets and shy children into lion tamers.

Since 2017, Aristo Pharma has supported RED NOSES with a sponsorship of Clown Widu the artist Stan Regelski. Clown Widu has been working for ROTE NASEN Deutschland e.V. in Berlin and Brandenburg since 2006. Among other things, he visits young patients in children's hospital wards, encourages them before operations and brings positive thoughts to the little ones for a moment.

In addition, Aristo Pharma has been supporting the "Intensive Smile Care" project since 2019. This program provides assistance to affected children and their families on the day of an operation. Especially in these exceptional situations, laughter is often the best medicine. The clowns calm the children and thus also help the parents. For a moment, the focus is no longer on the worries before the operation, but on the empathetic play of the clown.

The fact that we at Aristo Pharma are able to support both RED NOSES programs again this year also puts a smile on our faces!

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