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Flower mail from our flower sponsorship "colorful Uckermark"

Blühwiese in der Uckermark

Since last year, Aristo Pharma has been a sponsor of the "kunterbunte Uckermark" project. Behind this initiative is the science-oriented start-up vielfeld, which has set itself the goal of anchoring regional nature conservation in agriculture nationwide as well. How does this work? vielfeld links agriculture with institutions via sponsorships. This makes it possible to integrate nature conservation and preservation, and thus environmental protection to a greater extent, into conventional farms as well.

Currently, the start-up cooperates with nine agricultural farms, which enable flourishing life on 180,000 m² through the financial commitment of supporting companies. An important topic that Aristo Pharma is happy to be a part of! We support the Schulze family from the Uckermark region in the form of a sponsorship and are pleased to have received an update from our Flowering Meadows Officer again this summer: The drought - as in many places - has taken its toll on the landscape. Existing plants cannot develop as usual and new seeds cannot sprout. But what is currently growing in the flowering meadows nevertheless: shearworm, wildflowers, chamomile and sage. Now it is called: Wait and hope until rain nourishes nature again!

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