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Aristo Social Day Part 2 - Big city cleaning instead of big city dirt

News Teaser Aristo Social Day Part 2 2021

In all of Berlin's 2,700 parks, green spaces and playgrounds you will encounter it - carelessly discarded trash. There is no park without packaging waste and cans, hardly any playground without broken glass, and the consequences of litter are largely unknown.

Therefore, the focus of our second Aristo Social Day in 2021 was the topic "Clean Environment": On September 10, six colleagues exchanged their Berlin workplace for gloves and garbage bags at Tempelhofer Feld and helped to make the world a little better! With success: eight full garbage bags with a capacity of 120 liters each were collected!

The bags were filled with small particles of trash such as crown caps, cigarette butts, plastic lids, and small packages that are not picked up by mechanical cleaning mechanisms.

The campaign was organized in cooperation with Grün Berlin e.V., which provided us with a map of the area and trash containers on site. Grün Berlin e.V. is a municipal company that is committed to sustainable urban development in Berlin. Grün Berlin develops, builds and operates green infrastructure, livable public spaces and enables sustainable mobility.

We say thank you to all colleagues who participated in this year's Aristo Social Day and are already looking forward to next year's implementation!

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