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Aristo Pharma supports Pharmacists Without Borders in Lebanon this year

Behandlung Gips eines Kindes im Libanon

Since the beginning of the year, the Primary Healthcare Center in the Beeka Valley in Lebanon has been one of the projects of the Pharmacists Without Borders association. The healthcare center, located 15 km from the Syrian border, ensures access to medical care for Syrian refugees and those in need within the Lebanese population. 64 staff members treat more than 7,000 patients each month and provide more than 15,000 medical treatments.

For refugees and locals living in poverty, the clinics are the first port of call and often the only option for medical care. And so many Syrian refugees and Lebanese come to the center to be treated for colds, for example.

In total, there are two clinics in the Beeka Valley under the same sponsorship with a considerable range of services: orthopedics, gynecology, pediatrics, ophthalmology, cardiology, dentistry and radiology.

Over the past few months, Pharmacists Without Borders has ensured the supply of medical consumables to the clinics.

We are pleased that with this year's donation for the Primary Healthcare Center project we can also make a small contribution and thus support the voluntary commitment as well as the valuable work of Pharmacists without Borders.

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