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Widespread diseases

Diabetes, back pain, depression – widespread diseases of our time. You can find information about symptoms, causes, and treatment with medication here.

Diabetes, back pain and the like: Widespread diseases are the number 1 challenge

The so-called widespread diseases used to mainly include broadly and rapidly spreading con-tagious infectious diseases, such as cholera or typhus. Although these diseases are now erad-icated, at least in Central Europe, a new group is now impacting health statistics: diseases of civilisation, which are considered the widespread diseases of our time. As the name implies, these diseases are associated with our life conditions. The oversupply of food and the result-ing dietary habits, combined with a lack of exercise, environmental toxins, and bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol will sooner or later take their toll. The result is an in-crease in widespread diseases, for example back pain, diabetes, cardiovascular and respira-tory diseases, but also neurochemical diseases, such as depression.

In-depth research on the causes and risks of developing disease is a great challenge. This gives people a better chance of prevention before they get sick. For people who are already sick, the challenge is to provide effective economical and prescription-free medication in or-der to meet patients' desire to have more control over their lives, and to make their suffering a bit more tolerable, or perhaps relieve it altogether.

Advice for your health

Sometimes you might have aches and pains, sometimes a headache – but what are the causes behind your symptoms? Our Aristo health advice provides you with easy to under-stand information and background about the major widespread diseases of our time.

Please always remember: Our health guide contains general information only and cannot replace a visit with your doctor. Only your treating doctor can make a conclusive diagnosis.

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