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Startseite der Patientenwebsite
Homepage of the patient website

Depression is one of the most common widespread diseases, and the trend is rising. It is therefore all the more important to use today, the 17th European Day of Depression, to raise awareness about depression and motivate people affected to talk.

On our two revised websites we would like to provide holistic information on the topic of depression. The specialist website is aimed at medical specialists as well as professionals and contains all medical and scientific content on therapy-resistant depression with a focus on therapy with an MAO inhibitor. The website offers the full range of the latest studies, materials, training courses and interesting facts about therapy with MAO inhibitors.

But patients and their relatives should not be left out either: On our new website (facing depression) the contents deal with general topics on depression, ranging from the symptoms, causes and treatment options to everyday tips. The symptoms of depression can be as different as each person is individually. With a self-test "Am I possibly depressed?" at, patients and their relatives can take the first step towards clarification. In addition to this comprehensive content, we have set ourselves the goal of providing education, especially in the area of therapy-resistant depression. Topics concerning family and everyday life with a depression play a decisive role alongside therapy.

You are welcome to drop by!

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