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ROTE NASEN clowns go online for a visit!

ROTE NASEN auf Online Visite
©Gregor Zielke

The non-profit association ROTE NASEN Deutschland e.V. sees its task in strengthening suffering people with the power of humour and to give them cheerfulness and new courage in difficult times. ROTE NASEN are specially trained Artists.

Since 2017 Aristo Pharma has been the godfather of the ROTE NASEN clown Widu. With around 140 clown visits to Berlin clinics and health care facilities every year, he makes little patients laugh and gives them hope and confidence. The clowns make an essential contribution to recovery, cheer up, dispel boredom and loneliness and make them forget pain for a short moment.

Due to the restrictions imposed by Covid-19, RED NOSES clowns are currently only present virtually on the Internet and physically in front of institutions.

From their home office, the clowns go on a virtual visit via Facebook and Instagram livestream, YouTube and video conferencing. This is particularly important, because in many hospitals and nursing homes, even visits from relatives are severely restricted or not possible at all.

In keeping with World Laughter Day on 3 May, Aristo Pharma has this year provided financial support for the digital clown visits in addition to donating money for its RED NOSES partner clown Widu. Because: laughing is healthy and helps - even in corona times. 

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