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Red noses: Aristo Pharma godparents visit Clown Widu

Aristo Pharma mit Rote Nasen Clown

Health is a person's most valuable possession. Especially when children and adolescents have serious health problems, not only family and friends suffer, but also the sympathy of outsiders is great.

Since 2017, Aristo Pharma has been the sponsor of the RED NOSES Clown Widu. With around 140 clown visits to Berlin clinics and health facilities every year, he makes little patients laugh, gives them hope and confidence. With this sponsorship, Aristo Pharma is focusing on scientific findings, because humor research or gelotology has long since shown that laughter reduces stress and strengthens the immune system.

Last Wednesday, three colleagues from Aristo Pharma had the opportunity to meet Widu and accompany him on a clown visit to the Sana Clinic in Lichtenberg (Clinic for Paediatrics and Youth Medicine) - including clown Gogo.

A hospital stay is particularly difficult for children: they are afraid of unpleasant treatments, a strange environment or separation from their parents. The daily routine in hospital, strange noises, new food - all this can be an additional burden for a child in addition to his illness. Even if the medical care is excellent, there is little time left in everyday hospital life to take care of the children's needs. All the more reason for the colleagues of Aristo Pharma to see how the clowns help in the hospital.

Whether two, seven or 15-year-old patients, Widu and Gogo were very well received by the young audience - and certainly also because the two of them always individually adapted the programme to the age, situation and reactions of the children and adolescents. No matter whether the little patients were bedridden or physically fit, the Combo Widu & Gogo involved each audience individually - not only the children, but also the parents liked it. Even initial fears and language barriers dissolved the two with a lot of wit and charm in the air. The highlight of our visit was a birthday serenade: Jonas was eight years old this Wednesday and although we were not allowed to enter his room in order not to overtax his weakened immune system, Widu and Gogo sang him a serenade in the hall and gave him a balloon laser sword - in return there were bright children's eyes!

The three colleagues of Aristo Pharma agree at the end of the visit: Besides experiencing carefree moments, children can develop a positive basic mood with the help of clown visits, which gives them strength and courage to face life in the long run. The clowns make a significant contribution to recovery, cheer up, dispel boredom and loneliness and allow pain to be forgotten for a brief moment.

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