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Pharmacists without borders - health for all

Aristo Pharma supports Pharmacists without borders
Aristo Pharma unterstützt „Apotheker ohne Grenzen Deutschland“

Health is our greatest asset. This applies to all people in the world, but especially to those who have no health insurance or no state net to catch them in an emergency and give them time to recover. Without financial security or money for medicines, illness for many people can mean, among other things, the loss of their jobs or even financial ruin.

Therefore the non-profit association pharmacist without borders engages itself world-wide for ill humans in emergency. The association stands for fast and flexible pharmaceutical emergency aid after catastrophes and at the same time is committed to the long-term and sustainable improvement of health care.

With this vision, "Apotheker ohne Grenzen Deutschland" was founded in 2000. The 37 pharmacists had the goal of using their pharmaceutical expertise to bring medicines and pharmaceutical-medical experience to the poorest and thus most vulnerable people in the world.

More than 2,000 honorary members in Germany and abroad now support the goals of the association and are involved in various areas of its work: from recruiting new members to organizing local activities to foreign assignments, there are a variety of ways to make the world a better place.  Most members are pharmacists and PTAs from public pharmacies, hospitals and industry. But other professions are also represented and desired.

The association is active in more than 20 countries and has been able to supply countless patients with vital medicines. In addition, the members are committed to providing local people with basic knowledge about good health. Only in this way can people in poverty and need take care of their own health in the long run and live their lives independently.

Aristo Pharma also believes that "health is our greatest asset". We are impressed at how committed and energetic pharmacists without borders are in helping people in emergency situations and are supporting the association again this year with a donation. The partnership has existed since 2018.

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