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Partnership with ROTE NASEN e.V. intensified

Aristo Pharma supports ROTE NASEN Deutschland e.V.

Since 2017 Aristo Pharma is the sponsor for the RED NOSES Clown Widu. With around 140 clown visits to Berlin clinics and health facilities every year, he makes little patients laugh, gives them hope and confidence. With this sponsorship, Aristo Pharma also relies on scientific findings, because humor research or gelotology has long since shown that laughter reduces stress and strengthens the immune system.

Last month, three colleagues from Aristo Pharma had the opportunity to meet Widu and accompany him on a clown visit to the Sana Clinic in Lichtenberg (Clinic for Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine) - including clown Gogo. After their visit, the three colleagues agreed: The clowns make a significant contribution to recovery, cheer up, banish boredom and loneliness, and make people forget their pain for a short moment.

Aristo Pharma subsequently decided to intensify its partnership with ROTE NASEN Deutschland e.V.. We have increased the donation for our partner Clown Widu. In addition to the regular work of the clowns in the hospital, we support the "Intensive Smile Care" program. As part of this programme, the clowns accompany the children on their way to the operating theatre. Especially in these exceptional situations, laughter is often the best medicine. The clowns calm the children and help them to relax.

We are looking forward to the further successful cooperation with ROTE NASEN Deutschland e.V.!

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