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New packaging design: Eucabal - Herbal cold medicine for the whole family

Eucabal Produktfamilie

Herbal medicines for colds - more and more pharmacy customers are now relying on them. Especially parents with small children want products that help naturally and gently.

Our traditional brand Eucabal® has proven its worth in the field of herbal cold medicine since 1981. The optimally coordinated products in our Eucabal® product family treat cold symptoms naturally and reliably from infancy to adulthood. They are manufactured under the highest quality and safety standards in the heart of Germany at Pharma Wernigerode - one of six production sites of the Aristo Pharma Group.

Just in time for the start of the upcoming cold season, the Eucabal® products are appearing in a completely revised packaging design that focuses on the herbal active ingredients and provides a modern appearance through eye-catching colors.

The Eucabal® product family includes: the Cold Balsam (from 6 months), the Cough Drops (from 1 year), the Children's Bath (no age limit), the Eucalyptus Bath (from 7 years) and, new since October: the Eucabal® Inhalat.

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