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Donation to Pharmacists without borders

Apotheker ohne Grenzen
The vision: improving the health of all people

Health is our greatest asset. If we become ill, then everything that was once important suddenly seems unimportant to us - this is being made very clear to us again, especially now, in the context of the corona pandemic.

For people who have no health insurance or no state network to catch them in an emergency and give them time to recover, a supposedly simple illness can take on dramatic proportions.

Because everyone has a right to health - not only Aristo Pharma, but also Pharmacists Without Borders have made it their mission to ensure a healthy life for all people of all ages, regardless of origin, gender, language, religion and ideology, and to promote their well-being.

Pharmacists without borders is committed to helping sick people in need worldwide. On the one hand, they provide fast and flexible pharmaceutical emergency aid after disasters and, at the same time, are committed to the long-term and sustainable improvement of health care in their project countries. In doing so, they always focus on the specific local needs and work closely with local or international partners.

Aristo Pharma has been supporting the association since 2018, and this year again makes a financial donation to the valuable work.

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