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Aristo Pharma and the Freundeskreis der Charité e.V. - Partners since 2018

Newsteaser - Freundeskreis der Charite

Aristo Pharma and the Charité are not only connected by their headquarters in the German capital Berlin and the ambition to provide first-class patient care, but also by a trustful partnership through the Freundeskreis der Charité e.V. since 2018.

Charité Berlin can look back on a century-long tradition of first-class patient care, research and teaching. Today, it is Europe's largest university hospital and is behind 60,000 operations and 750,000 treatments per year. It acts as a driving force for the healthcare industry and is an important social player.

To support Charité in its work and in its mission to continuously improve patient care, the Freundeskreis der Charité e.V. was founded in 2014. The non-profit association, which acts as a bridge between the hospital and society, promotes a variety of projects that benefit Charité with the support of its members and with the help of donations.

When focusing on projects, the Freundeskreis der Charité e.V. pays particular attention to the area of nursing, whose 4,000 employees perform extraordinary work every day to provide round-the-clock care to the local population. The Corona pandemic in particular showed that nursing is an indispensable backbone for keeping the healthcare sector running smoothly.

We are pleased to support the ambitions of the association and in this context especially the so valuable work of the nursing staff of the Charité again this year with our donation.

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