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Aristo Pharma and Ava: Fertility tracker expands gynecology portfolio

Ava Anzeigenmotiv

Gynecology is one of Aristo Pharma's focus areas - with a focus on generic contraceptives, proven herbal medicines and modern medical devices. This established portfolio is now being expanded through a strong copromotion partnership with the Swiss company Ava. With the over-the-counter fertility tracker Ava, Aristo Pharma relies on a digital and CE-certified medical device with FDA clearance in the field of fertility.

Ava: cycle tracking through modern sensor technology

Women who want to have children are increasingly focusing their attention on monitoring and analyzing their own cycle. To be able to naturally increase the chances of pregnancy, the Ava fertility tracker offers an innovative and user-friendly option.

The bracelet measures different parameters during sleep and calculates 5 of the user's 6 fertile days on this basis. During the measurement, up-to-date data on physiological parameters such as body temperature or resting pulse are collected and analyzed 25 times per second. This clearly sets Ava apart from methods that only take basal body temperature (body temperature in the morning before getting up) into account as a parameter and only determine the closing of the fertile window by identifying the ovulation day. The intuitive and convenient application also makes cycle tracking much easier for the user and can be easily integrated into everyday life.

The good study situation based on valid scientific findings on the reliable functioning as well as numerous positive empirical values make the Ava bracelet a recognized recommendation, especially for patients between 30-35 years of age who would like to fulfill their desire to have a child after a number of failed attempts or patients over 35 years of age with physiologically declining fertility.

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