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Kick-off of the "Medinsa Reforesta" reforestation project

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As the world faces increasing environmental problems such as global warming and deforestation, our Spanish production site Medinsa kicked off several reforestation days on 06.11.2021.

A group of volunteers met in the Parque de Espartales de Alcalá de Henares near Madrid to plant a large number of trees and shrubs. A total of 17 employees took part in the planting and helped to reforest the large Gran Parque de Espartales park. In the first reforestation campaign, a total of 230 native tree and shrub species were planted, such as strawberry trees, majuelos (encroaching hawthorn), lavender bushes and olive trees.

The voluntary reforestation days will take place every Saturday in November. A total of 80 Medinsa volunteers are expected to participate. And the goal is always clearly in focus: planting 1,000 trees - a great action!

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