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Aristo Pharma supports health project of Pharmacists without Borders in Haiti

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When we get sick, everything that used to be important suddenly seems unimportant. Without health, there is no happiness, no security, no future. This is true for everyone in the world, but especially for those who have no health insurance or no state network to catch them in an emergency and give them time to get well. Without financial protection or money for medication, illness can mean, among other things, the loss of a job or even financial ruin for many people.

This is where the non-profit organization "Pharmacists Without Borders" comes in, which is committed to helping sick people in need worldwide. Since it was founded in 2000, the association has been working to bring about sustainable improvements in the health structures of people in developing countries. Pharmacists without Borders provides fast and flexible pharmaceutical emergency aid after disasters and supports local as well as international partners in long-term projects with the procurement of vital medicines and pharmaceutical know-how.

We are pleased to be able to support the voluntary commitment and valuable work of the association again this year.

Our monetary donation will go to Haiti, which was recently shaken by a severe earthquake and is already marked by political instability, economic misery and great need. In one of the poorest countries, regular, government-run health care is unavailable to most people because it is simply non-existent.

Already in 2018, the nurse and Haitian project partner of the association Alène Renfort founded the health post Medi-Pharma, which provides people in the Haitian region around Baudin (about 20,000 inhabitants) with functioning access to primary health care. Since March 2020, Medi-Pharma has additionally participated in the national vaccination program in Haiti. The health post has recommended itself for the program through its excellent and reliable work.


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